Kikuyu Songs from My Childhood: 3

Guess who’s back with two more children songs? Here we go.

Sang at the end of the school week.

Umuthi ni Friday,
Ninguheo rutha,
Rwa mithenya iri,
Jumatatu yakinya njoke kwi mwarimu,
Jumatatu yakinya njoke kwi mwarimu!

Today is Friday,
I’ll be given a break,
For two days,
When Monday arrives I’ll go back to the teacher,
When Monday arrives I’ll go back to the teacher!

Sang while skipping rope.

Ng’ombe, ng’ombe,
Ni ya maguru mana,
Na nikurumaga,
Ta ni kurume tuone,
Ii one, ii two…

Cow, cow.
Has four legs,
And it crawls,
Let’s see it crawl,
One, two…


IKR? Since when does a cow crawl?


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