Muhotoro – Naomi Karanja

So why do I like Kikuyu songs so much anyway? Because most times I listen to them, I learn new Kikuyu words I did not know. Like in this song, I learnt that mugoma means female i.e. thwariga ya mugoma → female deer


Without any further ado, please watch and listen to Naomi Karanja’s Muhotoro. These folks are obviously Kyuks in some region in the US but they sure didn’t leave their culture behind. Plus I love how they dance to this song. As funny as it may look, give me original any day. Plus, Bible references all over. Plus, Naomi has an interesting voice. I also don’t have to translate the song. Naomi and crew did it perfectly, unlike them Kikuyus who translate in Kenya. 😀

New Words

Thwariga ya mugoma → female deer

There’s that part she refers to a bow of bronze and I am not sure what she says, but according to Ibuku Riria Itheru Ria Ngai: Uta wa gicangobow of bronze

Bible References:

2 Samuel 22

Psalms 18: 14, 30, 32-35

Atumia na athuri, anake na airitu na ciana, rwimbo rwa kiumia ni ruu!

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