Uka Jesu – John M Mateta

I did not know this singer nor did I take this song seriously until last Tuesday, when I attended my aunt’s funeral. As usual there were presentations by different groups and the group that sang this song, by far, stood out so much for one main reason: It was mostly made up of very energetic men from PCEA Ruai East who did not sing like they were from Mutaratara at all. They were literally jumping like they wanted to bring Jesus down with their Uka Jesu chorus. It was such a different feel from all the other very mutaratara songs, bringing a different touch to the funeral, a celebration of life.

Without any further ado, here goes the song and translation.

Ni menyete, thii ino ndi mugendi,
Njetereire o muthenya mweru,
Kuguo ndirahoya umiriru,
Jesu hiuha, uhe thayu ngoro

I have come to know I am a traveller in this world
I am waiting for that new day
So I pray for courage
Jesus come quickly, give me peace in my heart

Uka Jesu, uka ningwetereire
Uka Jesu, uhe ukiririria
Ngoro yakwa, miihurie na thayu
Niguo baba, ndorie mothe ma thii

Come Jesus, Come I am waiting
Come Jesus, Give me perseverance
Fill my heart with peace
So I can overcome all that is worldly

We urutaga athini ciaraini cia mahuti
Niguo marianire na anene
We wi Ngai, na nduhana mundu

You who removes the poor from the pits of rubbish and exalts them
So they can eat with the rulers
You are God and you are not like man

Kwari mundu, wari mutumumu,
Ritwa riake etagwo Batimayo,
Aigua Jesu ati ni arahituka,
Akimwira “Jesu njigwira thaa”

There was a man who was blind
His name was Bartimaeus
When he heard that Jesus was passing
He told him “Jesus, have mercy on me”

Thina woka, etaga Mwathani
Ritwa riake rikirite mothe
Atuonire riria twerigitwo
Agituiga mubangoini wake

When trouble come, call on the Lord
His name is greater than any other name
He found us when we were lost
And placed us in his plan

Miici itu, riria kwaga thayu,
Kugie mbara, thina na mirimu,
Twagiriirwo tunyitane moko,
Twite Jesu, niguo atuhe thayu

When our homes have no peace
When there are fights, poverty and diseases
We should hold our hands together
Call on Jesus so he can give us peace

Muru mwari, etaga Mwathani
Ritwa riake rikirite mothe
Akuonire riria werigitwo
Agikuiga mubangoini wake

My brother and sister, call on the Lord
His name is greater than any other name
He found you when you were lost
And placed you in his plan

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